Although, Ted has never been a member of the Governance Committee, he has a better in-person attendance record at Committee meetings than some members including the Chair, having been at every single meeting since becoming a Trustee. He is the only non-committee member to put forward a Governance reform proposal, and the only one to counter Rick Dandrea’s plan to reduce the number of Alumni elected seats from nine to six with a proposal to increase that number to 12. He is also the author of the same proposal of 12 Alumni Elected Trustees that Senator Yudichak included in his new Penn State Governance reform bill. In the public meeting, he also called out Chairman Masser on Senators Yudichak’s and Corman’s letters asking for a delay in Governance vote. Chairman Masser lied and said that he had recently talked with the Senators. In a subsequent conversation, Senator Corman stated that conversation had happened months earlier.

He commissioned, paid for, and distributed 100’s of buttons asking to “Respect Dr. Atherton and General Beaver and Don’t let them take our Alumni elected seats.”

Since part of the strategy to reduce the number of Alumni Elected seats was to replace one of them with the Alumni Association Past President, Ted went to Roger Williams and Kay Salvino on SIX different occasions asking them to publically speak out against taking away any Alumni Elected seats which would have disenfranchised over 400,000 Alumni. Roger and Kay refused on every occasion.

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