Seeking The Truth

Mr. Brown is one of four Alumni-elected Trustees who followed the procedures to the letter to be put on the ballot for Alumni Council. Mr. Brown even confirmed this with Mr. Barron (no relation to the PSU President) in the Alumni Office.

They were denied, so they unsuccessfully sued the PSAA. More importantly, the Alumni elected Trustees called a special meeting of the BOT to seek repudiation of the Freeh report. Most Alumni elected Trustees attended in person, including Mr. Brown who spoke. The meeting was never official because of a boycott sponsored by Chairman Masser. Subsequently, seven Alumni elected Trustees requested then demanded access to the Freeh documents. They were denied and thus forced to sue the University. They won and will now have unfettered access to those documents. Sometime ago, Mr. Brown met with US Congressman GT Thompson who agreed that Trustees should have access to the Freeh Source Documents and agreed that he could be publicly quoted.

At the event in the Fall of 2013, publicizing the Dublin Game, Mr. Brown convinced AD Joyner to restore “Sweet Caroline” to the football games. It happened at the next game.

In Mr. Brown’s first face to face meeting with newly elected President Barron, he got Dr. Barron to agree to expeditiously replace AD Joyner.

Ted Brown met with State Senator Jake Corman, in his office, just before his settlement with the NCAA, to understand Jake’s plans.

Mr. Brown discussed with Chief Counsel Dunham and successfully requested that Mr. Dunham and Dr. Barron, examine the status of Dr. Spanier’s settlement agreement which has been largely ignored by the University.

Ted was an Executive Producer (i.e. funds provider) and film participant in the “People’s Joe” a documentary representing how wonderful a person was Joe Paterno in his everyday interaction with people. Ted was an on-site host for most of the two days of signing the huge 409 sign in front of the Student Book Store.

Mr. Brown has received and reviewed a number of documents relating to various litigation.

One of the many errors made by the old BOT was lack of openness. Mr. Brown is always available to the media and has written LTE’s and OpEd’s.

Many people subscribe to the view that the best way to show displeasure with the University and its actions is to boycott events. Mr. Brown’s view is that this does the opposite of what it’s supposed to. In fact, at every event, Alumni, students, towns people, and fans express their thanks for what the Alumni Elected Trustees are doing, including supporting events.

No Trustee has been to more important events than Mr. Brown. He attended Bert Goerder’s funeral service (along with the Curleys), was on the floor for Thon, at the legislative friend luncheons for Congressman Thompson and Senator Casey, the Renaissance Dinners for Kay Kustenbauter, Steve Sheetz (in Altoona), Steve Brown, the Navy League dinner for Sue Paterno, the Eagle Scout dinner for Ryan McCombie, Scheyers Honors Medal Ceremonies, the Distinguished Alumni dinners, in court for Gov. Corbett’s suit and the Paterno family suit, etc. He has officiated at four Commencements (Three in Altoona and one Eberly) and has mentioned JoePa at each.

He has visited many Commonwealth campuses and has provided constructive feedback to UP. He visited the World Campus’s facility in San Diego (even Dr. Barron hasn’t been there, yet). Incidentally, at this year’s President’s Club Dinner, Chairman Masser attacked Mr. Brown wagging his finger and saying “One of YOUR people threatened me and my wife with a Bomb.” Mr. Brown’s response was “Keith, you and I frequently disagree, but I wish you no physical harm. If this has you so upset, perhaps you should retire.”

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