“Having closely followed the Board’s action for the past few years, we can say, without reservation, that Ted has served the alumni well during his term. We have seen him in committee meetings, as well as in the boardroom, and have witnessed that he does not hesitate to stand up for what he believes. His voting record is to be commended, and reflects the consensus of opinion of those alumni who elected him. Ted has consistently challenged the Old Guard trustees on many of their actions in the past four years, and continues to strive to find the truth and set the record straight with regard to Joe Paterno, “Success with Honor” and the integrity and good name of Penn State. It is without any hesitation that we endorse Ted for another term as a member of the Board of trustees, and recommend that you cast your vote for him as well.”

Ceil Masella – PSU Class of ’72
Brian Masella – ’75 PSU Football Letterman


“A vote for Ted Brown ensures that he will continue to fight for Alumni displeased with the Penn State Board of Trustees’s obstructionist policies concerning the Freeh Report findings along with his fiscal prudence in deciding the direction of the Beaver Stadium renovation.”

 G. Herm Tselepis – Class of 1959 


“I have known Ted Brown for many years. He has done a remarkable job as a Trustee and standing up for all that is right for PSU. He has fought to restore Joe Paterno’s reputation and demanded that BOT Disclose all they know about Freeh report, and dealings selling out to the NCAA. I support Ted for another term on the board. His actions and performance deserves all of our support.”

Jim Meister – Class of 1959


“Ted Brown has continued to demonstrate his passion and concern for all things Penn State. He is committed to restoring our deserved reputation for the university as well as for Joe Paterno. Ted should be retained on the Board of Trustees.”

Don & Janice Marshall 


“Ted Brown is PSU fraternity brother of mine as well as a good friend. He has always been a loyal supporter of PSU, and his loyalty has always been in the best interest of the University. I would encourage everyone to vote for Ted in his efforts to be reelected to the PSU Board Of Trustees.”
Tom Houck – Class of 1971
“While photographing the amazing events that transpired in the Penn State community, I began attending the Board of Trustees meetings when they were made open to the public. It was at the May 3, 2013 meeting that I first met Ted Brown when it was officially announced that he had been elected to the  board.
Since then, I have observed him in both committee and full board meetings and find him to be one who is always honest and one who stands by his principles while working to make a better Penn State University.

I heartily endorse Ted for a third term as he shows  much patience and perseverance in achieving the alumni goals.”

– Elizabeth Pennock

“I fully support Ted Brown for an additional three year term on the Penn State Board of Trustees.  Ted’s broad knowledge and experience as a Crisis Management expert provides Ted with the tools necessary to help Penn State review and improve their Crisis Management plans in all areas.  These improvements will help to eliminate future “knee jerk” reactions to issue effecting the University during crisis situations.  Based of Ted’s track record as a Trustee to our great University over the last three years, and his accomplishments thereof, please join me in supporting Ted by voting for his re-election to the Penn State Board of Trustees.

– Rob Slaman – Class of 1982